Soft Serve


Soft Serve

Redcar is an industrial seaside town in North Yorkshire. Paccitos Ice-Cream parlour is one of its longest standing establishments. When asked why Bridger wanted to create the film she responded “My parents are both from Middlesbrough and I’ve wanted to make a documentary there for a while that was inclusive of the industrial landscape. I read something about Paccito’s the ice-cream parlour, which I’d been to as a child and it just seemed like a fitting idea to contrast the harshness of the industry with the softness of the ice-cream parlour.”

“There was a lot of tentative approaching of customers and basically just leaving the camera.”

“I wanted to get the most honest and unbiased conversations. When it came to shooting the parlour, there was a lot of tentative approaching of customers and basically just leaving the camera, we didn’t use a boom and we made sure the camera was at eye level so we weren’t imposing on them. This also worked for getting a camera angle that was similar to sitting in the parlour with them. We did the same with the employees behind the counter. I believe that if something is human enough, it’s interesting and I hope that’s something that comes across. I wanted to add the direction in the way it was put together and the sound used. When it came to music, I wanted to try an 80s score and the industrial landscape felt very suited to this. Ultimately a trend I see a lot in documentary is to find an extraordinary subject in an adverse situation, personally I think everyday life is equally extraordinary and warrants films making about it, and I hope in some way that this film challenges that format.”

“On our first day of shooting the steel works, the town’s largest employer went into liquidation, In the evening we filmed along the beach and saw probably some of the last plumes of smoke to come out of the chimney, which was a sad but special thing to see.”