Just So Film Fund: 1st Commission

Meet The Winners

Eleanor Mortimer, Jade Jackman,
James Newton, Joris Debeij

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Just So's platform for creative and innovative short documentaries.

Jonny Madderson

Five Stone Of Lead

Glenbeigh, Ireland

On the west coast of Ireland, kids don’t dream about winning the world cup. They dream about being championship jockeys

Jonny Madderson and Jono Stevens


Tokyo, Japan

Champion karate kids go fierce in Tokyo

Adrian Sibley

Stopping Time

Livorno, Italy

Seventy seven year old Lindsay Kemp meditates on the passing of time and how that affects his art

Lucy Bridger

Soft Serve

Redcar, England

A gentle portrait of Redcar, a seaside town recently deprived of its main industry, and its renowned ice cream parlour Paccitos

Scott Carthy


Vrontados, Chios, Greece

A Greek Easter tradition that sets the sky above Chios on fire

Jonny Madderson & Jono Stevens

Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow

Eastbourne, UK

There is poetry in the act of breathing life into someone else’s scrap, even if it is only for one last heroic dance